Shakti Yoga

The point of creating this blog is to help the Nashville community find affordable yoga opportunities. In my opinion no one offers affordable yoga better than Shakti on Music Row. Almost daily they offer either a community yoga class or a donation based yoga class at their historic house on the corner of Music Square East and Grand Ave.


The two classes I attend  most often are heated power flows,  similar to the classes I described at Small World Yoga and rooted in Baptiste Power Yoga, created by Baron Baptiste.

Class starts with a community “om” then a slow entry into a series of sun salutations focusing on the breath. This is usually followed by some balancing poses including Eagle Pose, Airplane, Half Moon and Tree. We finish on the floor with back bends, abs, stretching and of course the final pose, savasana. And the reward during our final resting pose is a cold towel scented with lavender!


As I mentioned I frequently attend their $6 community classes which are offered almost daily. They also support a local or global non-profit with their Karma Power Flow at 3pm every Sunday. Bring a cash or check donation to place in the basket at the front desk. I try to arrive early as their affordable price and proximity to Belmont makes for a full room.

Bring your own mat, yoga towel and water bottle. They have a water cooler and bottles for sale. You can rent a mat and towel if needed. They provide sweat towels and blocks in the yoga room. Above the fireplace there is a box of inspirational cards with quotes. I use these to help keep my mind focused or give me an intention for the class.

For the Karma Yoga and $6 Community class schedule go here

For more information about classes and pricing visit Shakti Yoga’s website


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