Carol jane Buttenham

2020 – YTT 200hr

I originally started this website to share where yoga lovers could find free, donation and affordable yoga classes around Nashville. I started blogging to share my experience at the many wonderful yoga studios we have across Nashville.

I never planned to be a yoga teacher but after 19 years of practice I was encouraged by friends and teachers to attend teacher training. I wanted to deepen my practice and was looking for a new experience, something that would excite and inspire me. I found it after my first weekend in teacher training at Liberation Nashville.

My first yoga class was a lesson in balance, literally. While working as a musician onboard Carnival Cruise Lines from 2000-2003, I learned the basic postures. Moving to Nashville, I continued my journey, learning from a variety of Nashville teachers of various styles and traditions.

I chose Liberation Nashville’s 200hr training because their focus encompassed the whole of yoga. My goal as an instructor is to encourage beginners, inspire all experience levels and journey through the Eight Limb Path of Yoga together. I aspire to include a short introduction to a yoga concept, pranayama, asana, and meditation in each class.

Yoga Class schedule
  • Online Sundays 9 am CT “pay what you can” JOIN CLASS
  • Online Thursdays 4pm CT “pay what you can” JOIN CLASS
  • Online Mondays 9 am CT with Liberation Nashville COMING SOON
  • Are you interested in a private session or have a small group of friends that wants to do a class outdoors? Let me know!