Carol jane Buttenham

2020 – YTT 200hr

I originally started this website to share where yoga lovers could find free, donation and affordable yoga classes around Nashville. I started blogging to share my experience at the many wonderful yoga studios we have across Nashville.

I never planned to be a yoga teacher but after 19 years of practice I was encouraged by friends and teachers to attend teacher training. I wanted to deepen my practice and was looking for a new experience, something that would excite and inspire me. I found it after my first weekend in teacher training at Liberation Nashville.

My first yoga class was a lesson in balance, literally. While working as a musician onboard Carnival Cruise Lines from 2000-2003, I learned the basic postures. Moving to Nashville, I continued my journey, learning from a variety of Nashville teachers of various styles and traditions.

I chose Liberation Nashville’s 200hr training because their focus encompassed the whole of yoga. My goal as an instructor is to encourage beginners, inspire all experience levels and journey through the Eight Limb Path of Yoga together. I aspire to include a short introduction to a yoga concept, pranayama, asana, and meditation in each class.

After receiving my 200hr training I became a certified Kids Yoga Teacher through Cosmic Kids and Habitat Kids Yoga and completed another 20 hours of training with REWIND Boomer and Senior Yoga Teacher Training.

Yoga Class Schedule

SAturdays, Sundays, & Mondays

Let’s journey through the Eight Limb Path of Yoga together! Each month we focus on a different Yama (moral restraint) or Niyama (observance) to help us move deeper into our own authenticity and support a meaningful life. Each class includes pranayama (breath-work), a vinyasa style flow, and ends with a short meditation. Perfect for beginners new to a yoga practice, experienced yogis wanting to deepen their understanding and everyone in-between!

I love Carol’s Monday class. Good for the soul and the body! Lauren Bufferd, Nashville, Tennessee.

Carol is genuine in her practice and her Sunday class reflects that. Always a welcoming environment to practice with gentle guidance and wonderfully relaxing mediation to end the hour. I am always the better for attending. Jennifer Clarke-Brophy, Waterdown, Ontario.



  • Coming in September!

All postures (asanas) will be done completely seated, so if you have mobility or balance issues, have difficulty standing, or use a chair, this customized yoga class will be accessible to you. Each class will also include a breathing exercise and end with a short meditation.

I’ve noticed much greater strength and range of motion after taking weekly chair yoga lessons with Carol. I have mobility issues and use a chair much of the time and even though the positions in our class feel gentle, they are deep and definitely have an effect. I feel I’ve made this progress because Carol is such a caring, perceptive teacher. She always seems to know the right exercises I need for a particular day and has my safety and comfort in mind at all times. She truly cares about people like me with mobility issues, understanding my limitations but being gently encouraging as well. I am so fortunate to have had classes with her, because I’ve never felt yoga was so tailor-made to me before now! Deanna Larson, Nashville, TN.


This gentle 60 minute chair or mat yoga class is designed for anyone who wants to improve functional fitness and balance, reduce stress, alleviate symptoms associated with chronic conditions and promote healthy body awareness. Students can choose to practice from a chair or on a mat. Perfect for boomers, seniors, anyone with mobility or balance issues, or anyone desiring a gentle but effective yoga class. Each class includes a breathing exercise and will end with a short meditation.