Inner Light

A friend told me about a yoga studio she had attended and their noon time classes where they crank up the tunes and move to music. I was intrigued and finally took advantage of Inner Light Yoga‘s first-timer one month unlimited deal at the end of 2019. I loved this studio and the unique disco like yoga experience. They are located on 10th Ave S. not far from 12 South which I have referred to previously as the mecca of Nashville Yoga studios.


As I move into my 50’s sweating has become less and less appealing (some readers may relate) so I was looking for an alternative to the many hot yoga classes I’ve written about. The Inner Light classes are heated (75 degrees) but not HOT. Most of the ones I attended were vinyasa based. What made them unique was what I call a “flow routine” set to music. The postures are introduced slowly then the music is turned up and we are let loose to move through the postures at our own pace 2-4 more times. Depending on the length of class we may do a different sequence 3 or 4 times. Some classes may also include a cardio or core building segment. I may have mentioned before that part of the reason I love yoga is getting to pretend I’m the ballet dancer of my childhood dreams. My practice at Inner Light helped encourage and fulfill that desire.

The studio is in a large white building called The Waverly which has apartments that seem to be short term rentals. Inner Light occupies one of the retails spaces below the apartments. There is a big glass window on one side of the yoga room and they call themselves a non-toxic chemical free space. Their 12 noon weekday “$10 Delight” classes are 45 minutes for those of us looking to get a yoga class in on our lunch hour. The other classes I participated in which included a restore and meditate class, lasted 60 minutes. They also have themed days where the music for all or most of the classes is a specific artist or genre.


The introductory offer is $40 for a month of yoga. The Monday through Friday $10 Delight class befits its name and have been included on my weekly community calendar. Once I finished the introductory month they contacted me with more incentives to join. The studio does provide yoga mats, small towels, lockers with a combination lock, showers, change room and a water fountain. They don’t sell water in bottles so be sure to remember your container. More information and pricing can be found on their website.

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