Paddleboard Yoga

SUP Nashville! It has been a few months since I last posted. Partly because I didn’t think anyone was paying attention to my blogs and I was mistaken that others, like me, were searching for affordable yoga options. After a recent conversation with a friend and looking at my blog stats I realized I am not alone in my quest to find yoga in Nashville for under $10!

The other reason is summer arrived and so did paddleboarding and paddleboard yoga! For the past several years I’ve purchased the locals unlimited pass at Nashville Paddle Company for both exercise and relaxation.

What’s The Class Like?

Although paddleboard yoga doesn’t necessarily fall under this blogs mission to showcase affordable yoga classes , it does fall under the category of “freakin fun!” If you’ve never done yoga I would only recommend these classes if you know how to paddleboard and vice-versa. Yes, you may fall off the board but it’s okay because you’re on the water. On a 100 degree Nashville summer day, that’s alright with me. Oh and you should know how to swim.

Most of the paddleboard yoga classes I’ve taken were similar. Many were led by Sara. I loved her classes because her direction really focused on keeping my core strong and moving at a pace that kept me in balance. Sara is a teacher at the Green Hills YMCA and she’s awesome.

We start with a breathing meditation, move into some cat and cows then gradually into sun salutations and basic Vinyasa poses. Moving into warrior one is often where the first splash can be heard. What I love about paddleboard yoga is how it helps to improve my practice on land. On the board I quickly feel where I need to focus and tighten in order to keep my poses strong and stable.

The next challenge comes with the standing poses. This year I successfully held tree pose (with the help of the paddle) for a few seconds without falling in the water. But again, the challenge of staying upright on the board with the balancing poses makes for a different experience in the yoga studio. The classes are about 75 minutes, depending on if you’ve had the basic paddleboard training or not. We finish with some sitting poses, yoga stretching and end with shavasana, floating on the water. The teacher keeps her eyes open and makes sure we all stay safe.

I love being on the water. There’s an immediate peace that falls over me. Nashville Paddle Company is located on Percy Priest lake in a cove called Hamilton Creek Recreation Area. There are herons and ducks and occasionally fish jumping. My favorite time to go is first thing in the morning or at the end of the day or whenever there’s a yoga class.


In previous summers I joined for the month of August but this year I took advantage of the early bird locals unlimited pass rate of $300. I took classes, paddleboarded or kayaked during open hours Monday through Friday, and before 10 am or after 4pm (ish) on the weekends, from May until they closed at the end of September. This year it also gave me access to at least one or two paddleboard yoga classes a month.

After doing this for multiple years, I could’ve bought my own paddleboard but have you ever lifted one of those suckers? With the pass I just book online or give them a call and show up. The board is already on the water and off I go for 75-105 minutes of pure bliss. I don’t have to take the extra time to haul it on and off my car or spend time blowing it up and deflating it. If I’m by myself it’s comforting to know someone knows I’m on the water and is expecting me back at a certain time.

Without the pass, the paddleboard yoga classes are $30 if you need to rent a board or $10 if you BYOB (bring your own board). They have a water fountain but no bottled water for sale. There is a restroom available and it makes for an okay change room in a pinch but there are no showers. They will keep your keys and any other valuables in the gatehouse for you. I like to bring a towel to dry off afterwards when needed.

For more information about classes and pricing visit Nashville Paddle Company


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